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MBG Testing Update:

The MBG division has completed tests showing that their ANSI/NAAMM MBG treads meet the loading requirements of OSHA 29CFR 1910.24 (c).  Treads tested included steel and aluminum treads with serrated or non-serrated edges in a range of lengths.  The test included verification the treads meet the strength requirements of the latest version of the IBC as well as MBG's on strength requirements.  For details of the test, please click here.

Welcome to MBG, a Division of NAAMM

Today's Challenge

Specify the single most functional product for flooring, security, OEM, or general industrial applications from the myriad of products available.



Consult with manufacturers of a single product that may be appropriate for your application. Select from a wide range of products which are available nationwide and manufactured to international standards.

Why Metal Bar Grating?

Appropriate Materials

Grating manufactured from carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and special alloys provides safe, functional, durable products for all environments.

Product Flexibility

Metal bar grating can be fabricated to suit any configuration for your specific application. Bar spacing and riveted centers are variable and allow for products with open areas ranging from 50% to 90%. Extensive open areas allow for the passage of light and air, reducing the need for additional lighting and ventilation. Metal bar grating can support loads ranging from light pedestrian traffic, to the heaviest vehicular and aircraft weight.

Product Life-Cycle

Designed for strength and longevity, metal bar grating outlasts wood, plastic, and competing metal products. Metal grating products are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials.


Prefabricated and ready for installation, bar grating reduces the need for costly field labor. The economies of bar grating are such that these products dominate their field.

Maintenance Free

The high percentage of open area allows for excellent drainage and the free passing of debris, creating a virtually maintenance-free product.

The NAAMM Advantage

The Metal Bar Grating Division is comprised of members from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America. The Division publishes the only manuals for standard and heavy-duty bar grating which are recognized and approved by the American National Standards Institute. These NAAMM/ANSI standards are your guide to assuring that your grating needs are satisfied by products of consistent quality and availability. This, in addition to the lowest total cost, makes metal bar grating the superior solution.