NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Guadalupe Molina Guadalupe Molina ELECTROFORJADOS NAC. Queretaro,
  2. Guillaume Gauthier Guillaume Gauthier Product Manager at DE LA FONTAINE INC. Sherbrooke, QC
  3. Guillermo Rios Guillermo Rios Director of Engineering at IKG Industries Channelview, TX
  4. Gundars Kaners Gundars Kaners GUNDARS KANERS ARCHITECTS Forest Grove,, OR
  5. Gus Anastes Gus Anastes THE FWA GROUP Charlotte,, NC
  6. Gustavo Zermeño Gustavo Zermeño Director at Serviacero Comercial SA de CV
  7. H. Bergeron H. Bergeron BERGERON & LANG, INC. Metairie,, LA
  8. H. Dale Kaufman H. Dale Kaufman KAUFMAN HICKEY ARCHITECTS Lancaster,, PA
  9. H. Day, R.A. H. Day, R.A. CES, INC. Brewer,, ME
  10. H. Dulger H. Dulger DULGER CO. Odemis Izmir, TURKEY
  11. H. Eric Davidson H. Eric Davidson OLIVOLA PARKER AND ASSOCIATES Alexandria,, VA
  12. H. Flicki H. Flicki JET CARGO INTL. Miami,, FL
  13. H. Pearson H. Pearson H A C B M Princeton,, NJ
  14. H. Thomas Wilson H. Thomas Wilson H. THOMAS WILSON, A.I.A. Pasadena,, CA
  15. H. Volker Fuertges H. Volker Fuertges ARCHITECT Long Valley,, NJ
  16. Habersham Metal Products Co. Habersham Metal Products Co. Cornelia, GA (706) 778-2212
  17. Haig Braves Haig Braves Krieger Specialty Products
  18. Hans Girard Hans Girard GirardHans Chicoutimi, QC
  19. Harold Glucksman Harold Glucksman Pres at Glucksman - Guzzo, p.A.- Union, NJ
  20. Harold Webb Harold Webb WebbHarold Ashland, VA
  21. Haroon Nasrullah Haroon Nasrullah US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS Savannah,, GA
  22. Harrison Gill Harrison Gill GILL & GILL ARCHITECTS Norwalk,, CT
  23. Harry Holmes Harry Holmes HARRY HOLMES ARCHITECT Los Angeles,, CA
  24. Harry Matthies, AIA Harry Matthies, AIA HARDY MC COLLAH/MLM INC. Dallas,, TX
  25. Harry Moser Harry Moser Reshoring Initiative Kildeer, IL
  26. Harry Schneider Harry Schneider
  27. Harry Schwenk Harry Schwenk DESIGN SALES ASSOCIATES Valley Forge,, PA
  28. Harry Sexton Harry Sexton UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Tampa,, FL
  29. Harvey Gertsch Harvey Gertsch EightynineA, LLC Tempe, AZ
  30. Harvey Weber Harvey Weber HARVEY WEBER ARCHITECT Stanford,, CT
  31. Heather Larsen Heather Larsen HDL Design Roseville,, CA
  32. heather roberge heather roberge robergeheather los angeles, CA
  33. Heather Wimberly Heather Wimberly HEATHER WIMBERLY, A.I.A. Honolulu,, HI
  34. Hector Hernandez Hector Hernandez H HERNANDEZ & ASSOC. San Juan,
  35. Heidi Levine Heidi Levine ROBINSON MILLS & WILLIAMS Sacramento,, CA
  36. Helaine Robinson, CDT Helaine Robinson, CDT INTERDESIGN GROUP Indianapolis,, IN
  37. Helmut Gabel Helmut Gabel President at Pacific Steel Products, Inc. Santa Fe Springs, CA
  38. Henry  Ray Henry Ray Project Manager / Estimator at Hollow Metal Xpress Phoenix, AZ
  39. Henry Ray Henry Ray Next Door Company Miami, FL
  40. Henry Szymanski Henry Szymanski KAHLER & SLATER ARCHITECTS Milwaukee,, WI
  41. Henry Truitt Henry Truitt PSA, INC. Peoria,, IL
  42. Herbert Blakely Herbert Blakely
  43. Herman Jan Herman Jan FLEET ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTS Exton,, PA
  44. Herman Otto Herman Otto OTTO-DUFTY ARCHITECT, P.C. Mt. Pleasant,, MI
  45. Herman Otto Herman Otto OTTO-DUFTY ARCHITECTS, P.C. Mt. Pleasant,, MI
  46. HG METALS, a div. of HGMC Supply, Inc. HG METALS, a div. of HGMC Supply, Inc. Indianapolis, IN (317) 351-9500
  47. Hisham Gabr Hisham Gabr SARUP Milwaukee,, WI
  48. HMF Express HMF Express Wilmington, NC (910) 452-1845
  49. Holland Crouch Holland Crouch Vice President at The MPI Group, LLC. Corbin, KY
  50. Hollow Metal Xpress Hollow Metal Xpress Phoenix, AZ (623) 936-7000,