NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Jim Spratley Jim Spratley SOUTHCO CONSTRUCTION, INC. Baton Rouge,, LA
  2. Jim Tartre Jim Tartre Door & Hardware Institute Chantilly, VA
  3. Jim Toney Jim Toney Southwest Architectural Metals Henderson, NV
  4. Jim Wessner Jim Wessner MCI Richardson,, TX
  5. Jim Wild Jim Wild Ohio Gratings, Inc. Canton, OH
  6. Jim Wilson Jim Wilson WILSON & ASSOC. Oxford,, MI
  7. Jo Drummond Jo Drummond CONST. SPECIFICATION CONSULT. Los Angeles,, CA
  8. Joan Griffin Joan Griffin JOHN E. FOSTER & ASSOC., INC. Columbus,, OH
  9. Joanne Boulard Joanne Boulard Daybar Industries Largo, FL
  10. JoAnne Potter JoAnne Potter VP Sales at Metalex A Unit of Jason Inc.-Components Libertyville, IL
  11. Jocelyn Laporte Jocelyn Laporte President at Quincaillerie Architecturale Mirco Boucherville, QC
  12. Joe Chwalek Joe Chwalek National Sales Manager at IKG Industries Tinton Falls, NJ
  13. Joe Doby Joe Doby FACILITIES ENGINEERS, INC. Smyrna,, GA
  14. Joe Hargrove Joe Hargrove Cornerstone Detention Products, Inc. Tanner, AL
  15. Joe Irwin Joe Irwin VINCENT METALS Minneapolis,, MN
  16. Joe Kibler Joe Kibler JOE KIBLER CONSTRUCTION Champaign,, IL
  17. Joe Malloy Joe Malloy MALLOY, DUFFE & FORAN Trenton,, NJ
  18. Joe Miller Joe Miller Florida Mfg. Rep. at BarnettBates Corporation Joliet, IL
  19. Joe Nall Joe Nall PH & J ARCHITECTS Montgomery,, AL
  20. Joe Stypka Joe Stypka Murphy/Jahn Chicago, IL
  21. Joe Tate Joe Tate Director of Engineering at Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company San Antonio, TX
  22. Joe Teal Joe Teal Sales at Custom Metal Products Wilmington, NC
  23. Joe Toth Joe Toth J.A. KUDRAVY & ASSOC. Pittsburgh,, PA
  24. Joel Bleeker Joel Bleeker LIFE CORE SERVICES Des Moines,, IA
  25. Joel Diepan Joel Diepan JOEL H. VAN DIEPEN Philadelphia,, PA
  26. Joel Olive Joel Olive OliveJoel Terrell, TX
  27. Joel Smith Joel Smith ENGINEERED BLDG. PRODUCTS W. Hartford,, CT
  28. Joel Smith Joel Smith ENGINEERED BLDG. PRODUCTS W. Hartford,, CT
  29. Joey Meggs Joey Meggs President at Premier Products, Inc. Monroe, LA
  30. John Anderson John Anderson Stairways, Inc. Houston, TX
  31. John Armknecht, CCS John Armknecht, CCS HOW NELSON ASSOCIATES Omaha,, NE
  32. John Baranello John Baranello SEVERUD ASSOCIATES New York,, NY
  33. John Barnes John Barnes RDA San Jose, CA
  34. John Bartley John Bartley President/CEO at Ohio Gratings, Inc. Canton, OH
  35. John Blehar, AIA John Blehar, AIA JON BLOSS BLEHAR, AIA ARCH W. Palm Beach,, FL
  36. John Blumthal John Blumthal ZGF PARTNERSHIP Portland, OR
  37. John Boles John Boles JOHN F. BOLES, A.I.A. San Diego,, CA
  38. John Bradshaw John Bradshaw PKY ARCHITECTURE Skokie,, IL
  39. John Briese John Briese Briese Iron Works, Inc. Rochester, MN
  40. John Bucanelli John Bucanelli METCALF & EDDY Laurel,, MD
  41. John Butch John Butch JOHN BUTCH, ARCHITECT Greer,, SC
  42. John Cain John Cain JOHN CAIN ARCHITECT Rumson,, NJ
  43. John Calhoun John Calhoun Designer at Calhoun Design Services Lexington, KY
  44. John Chase John Chase ARCHITECT Houston,, TX
  45. John Cummings John Cummings TAMS CONSULTANTS
  46. John D. Carr John D. Carr Director of Marketing at Sierra Detention Systems Golden, CO
  47. John Danckaert John Danckaert DANCKAERT & ASSOCIATES Beverly Hills,, MI
  48. John Davies, P.E. John Davies, P.E. REID & DAVIES, INC. Freehold,, NJ
  49. John Dean John Dean DEAN STEEL MANUFACTURING San Antonio,, TX
  50. John Deppa John Deppa Alpha Engineers and Constructors, Inc. Portland, OR