NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. A. Bruce Joyner A. Bruce Joyner CPS Chesapeake, VA
  2. A. Carl Preston A. Carl Preston TEXAS DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION Abilene,, TX
  3. A. Dierkes A. Dierkes A. DIERKES ARCHITECHNICS, INC.
  4. A. Dorner A. Dorner ANDYS HANDY HOME REMODELING Chicago,, IL
  5. A. Fatah A. Fatah FMPA McLean,, VA
  6. A. Geller A. Geller A.W. GELLER & ASSOC. New York,, NY
  7. A. Jubulis A. Jubulis JUBULIS ARCHITECTS Buffalo,, NY
  8. A. Marfia A. Marfia ANTHONY MARFIA AIA Langhorne,, PA
  9. A. Merlo A. Merlo AMU ANDERSON ARCHS New York,, NY
  10. A. Nihill A. Nihill WENDEL DESIGN Buffalo,, NY
  11. A. Nolen A. Nolen SINAI EGYPT APO New York,, NY
  12. A. Pitrans A. Pitrans THE RICE DAUBNEY GROUP No. Sydney Australia
  13. A. Pitrans A. Pitrans THE RICE DAUBNEY GROUP No.Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  14. A. Selbert A. Selbert SELBERT DESIGN ASSOCIATES Southport,, CT
  15. A. Strong A. Strong SILVA STRONG ARCHITECTS Sacramento,, CA
  16. A. Vargas A. Vargas A.V. Design Garden Grove, CA
  17. A. W. McCluney A. W. McCluney Krieger Specialty Products Pico Rivera,, CA
  18. AADG inc dba Pioneer Industries AADG inc dba Pioneer Industries Carlstadt, NJ (201) 933-1900
  19. Aaron Szabo Aaron Szabo President at General Fire-Proof Door Corp. Bronx, NY
  20. Abdul Shaheed Abdul Shaheed ORLEANS PARISH SCHOOL BOARD New Orleans,, LA
  21. Accurate Screen Ltd. Accurate Screen Ltd. Mississauga, ON (905) 564-3381
  22. Acme/Lingo Flagpoles, LLC Acme/Lingo Flagpoles, LLC Southhampton, NJ 800-260-1897, 609-801-1897
  23. Adalberto Santin Adalberto Santin TEISA MEXICO Mixcoac, Mexico
  24. Adam Bortz, CCS Adam Bortz, CCS STETSON - HARZA Utica,, NY
  25. Adam Figura Adam Figura Forms & Surfaces Pittsburgh, PA
  26. Adam Haneman-Hall Adam Haneman-Hall Haneman-HallAdam New York, NY
  27. Adolfo Ordoner Adolfo Ordoner GONZALEZ INDUSTRIAL SA Escobedo, Mexico
  28. Ajit Tavkar Ajit Tavkar EXXON PROD. RESCH. CO. Houston,, TX
  29. Al Sieapried Al Sieapried HASENSTAB & MCCARTHY Akron,, OH
  30. Alan Antoine Alan Antoine LOWE INVESTMENTS Metairie,, LA
  31. Alan Beck Alan Beck ULTRA ROOF, INC. Jasper,, IN
  32. Alan Bliek Alan Bliek BROWN UNIVERSITY Providence,, RI
  33. Alan Burcaw Alan Burcaw ARCHITECT, P.A. Crystal River,, FL
  34. Alan Burnett Alan Burnett SIMPSON GUMPERTZ & HEGER San Francisco,, CA
  35. Alan Dooley Alan Dooley ASPEN STREET ARCHITECTS Angels Camp,, CA
  36. Alan Hoops, AIA Alan Hoops, AIA CREATIVE RETAILING INC. Irvine,, CA
  37. Alan Tisdale, AIA Alan Tisdale, AIA NJC ASSOCS., INC. Pittsburgh,, PA
  38. Alan Tomasi Alan Tomasi FREMER/SAVEL ARCHITECTS Los Angeles,, CA
  39. Alan Van Devender, AIA Alan Van Devender, AIA KEYSTONE ARCHITECTURE, INC. Lafayette,, IN
  40. Albert Tharnish Albert Tharnish BLACK& VEATCH Kansas City,, MO
  41. Albert Vallin, FCSI Albert Vallin, FCSI CONSTRUCTION-COST CONSULTANT San Diego,, CA
  42. Alec Kobayashi Alec Kobayashi CRITICAL MASS Houston,, TX
  43. Alex Alkire Alex Alkire ALAMBAMA BANK BLDG. Montgomery,, AL
  44. Alex Danin, AIA Alex Danin, AIA ALEX DANIN A.I.A. ARCHITECT White Plains,, NY
  45. Alexander Bergo Alexander Bergo ALEXANDER BERGO, ARCHITECT Chatham,, NJ
  46. Alexander Clark Alexander Clark RELATIVE THEORY DESIGN Seattle,, WA
  47. Alexander Terry Alexander Terry ALEXANDER & IVAN TERRY Berkeley,, CA
  48. Alexandra S Alexandra S SAlexandra
  49. Alexandro Becerril Alexandro Becerril ALBEC ESTRUCTRAS METALICS Mexico City, Mexico
  50. Alexandro Castillo/WT2B102HK Alexandro Castillo/WT2B102HK TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY Knoxville,, TN