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Perforated and Expanded Metal Updates
April 21, 2018
Nine things you should know about these building components...
Updated Standard Released: HMMA 850-14
November 16, 2016
NEWS RELEASE:Updated Standard Released: HMMA 850-14"Fire-Protection and Smoke Control Rated Hollow Metal Door and Frame Products" This updated standard is a detailed overview of the portfolio of fire rated products available through HMMA member compa…
MBG Testing Update
April 27, 2016
The MBG division has completed tests showing that their ANSI/NAAMM MBG treads meet the loading requirements of OSHA 29CFR 1910.24 (c). Treads tested included steel and aluminum treads with serrated or non-serrated edges in a range of lengths. The tes…
EMMA Testing Update
April 27, 2016
The EMMA division has completed tests showing the effectiveness of expanded metal used as a screen for openings. For details of the three tests, see the links below. The range of values for SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) is from 0 to 1. A window …
ANSI/NAAMM Pending Standards
April 27, 2016
The following ANSI/NAAMM standards are currently being considered for revision or have a revision in progress: ANSI/NAAMM MBG 531 ANSI/NAAMM AMP FP 1001 The following ANSI/NAAMM standards under revision or proposed for reaffirmation are available for…