Architectural Metal Productions (AMP)

These products are manufactured by members of NAAMM's Architectural Metal Products Division (AMP). Specifically, the members of AMP manufacture metal stairs, railing systems, miscellaneous and ornamental metal products for building construction, and aluminum, stainless steel, steel and bronze flagpoles of every variety.

Technical Publications

  1. Pipe Railing Systems Manual

    Pipe Railing Systems Manual

    • 2012
    • AMP 521-01 (R2012)

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    A guide for design professionals, the construction industry and the suppliers of railings featuring up-to-date data on the materials appropriate for use in modern pipe railings, graphic representations of some of the more commonly used construction details, recommendations for their proper structural design under current regulations, advice concerning their installation and anchorage, and guidelines for specifying them. (ANSI/NAAMM AMP 521-01)\

    Table 2, the fifth column area for 1 ½ inch diameter Schedule 5 pipe, should be 0.375 in2 instead of the .0375 in2 shown.

  2. Guide Specifications For Design of Metal Flagpoles

    Guide Specifications For Design of Metal Flagpoles

    • 2007
    • FP 1001-07

    A comprehensive guide for determining the wind pressure of flagpoles, flag loading, bending moments, shear forces and torsional movements on pole, stress analysis and the calculation procedures for each. And there's an appendix of sample calculations to use for review. (ANSI/ NAAMM FP 1001-07)

    No longer available for download or purchase.  To be part of the revision process, please contact NAAMM.

  3. Metal Finishes Manual

    Metal Finishes Manual

    • 2006
    • AMP 500-06

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    Provides classification designation and recommended specifications for finishes applicable to architectural metals; introduction section plus sections on finishes for aluminum, the copper alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel and iron, and applied coatings. (AMP 500-06)

  4. Metal Stairs Manual

    Metal Stairs Manual

    • 1992
    • AMP 510-92

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    Photographs, details and specifications of all types of architectural metal stairs and stair components, ranging from strictly functional service stairs to elaborate ornamental stairs; includes load tables and dimensional guides. (AMP 510-92)

  5. Metal Flagpole Manual

    Metal Flagpole Manual

    • 1980
    • FP 1980

    Metal Flagpole Manual (FP 1980) - No longer available for download or purchase. To be part of the revision process, contact NAAMM.

AMP members

Fabricator members produce stairs, railings and miscellaneous and ornamental products for building construction. Flagpole members manufacture aluminum, steel and bronze-clad flag poles. Suppliers are firms which provide components and/or services used by fabricators and manufacturers.

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