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NAAMM's Role
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NAAMM's Role 

NAAMM is an accredited American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developer. The process is governed by the ANSI Essential Requirements and is open and balanced to assure due process for the development of standards. These requirements apply to activities related to the development of consensus for approval, revision, reaffirmation, and withdrawal of American National Standards

Due process means that any person (organization, company, government agency, individual, etc.) with a direct and material interest has a right to participate by: a) expressing a position and its basis, b) having that position considered, and c) having the right to appeal. Due process allows for equity and fair play. The ANSI Essential Requirements constitute the minimum acceptable due process requirements for the development of consensus.

The Operating Procedures guide describes NAAMM’s procedures for developing and maintaining American National Standards. When these Operating Procedures are silent on an issue, the ANSI Essential Requirements serves as the precedent document.

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ANSI/NAAMM Standards Projects

Each NAAMM Operating Division manages and coordinates its specific standards projects and oversees the work of the Division Panel. This group performs the final review and approval of standards, materials, and/or reports prior to being put before the Consensus Committee and, when finalized, submitted to ANSI

NAAMM has three divisions that develop ANSI standards. These divisions are:

  • The Architectural Metal Products Division
  • The Hollow Metal Products Association
  • The Metal Bar Grating Division

To review projects, a properly constituted and balanced Consensus Committee is established in accordance with paragraph 2.3 of the ANSI Essential Requirements.

NAAMM Consensus Committees

Consensus committees are standing committees that approve the content of a standard and whose vote demonstrates evidence of consensus following their initiation, revision or reaffirmation by Division Panels. Consensus Committees do not meet, but independently review and vote on proposed standards. NAAMM membership is not a prerequisite to participate in a Consensus Committee.

Forms will be provided to those interested parties to document their interest and qualifications to participate in this process. If the consensus body membership is to be by organization and not individual, then a point of contact (not contact information) is to be provided, along with the name of the organization that is a voting member of the consensus body. The point of contact is not necessarily the person who will cast the vote on behalf of the organization.

Parties with an interest in participating in the consensus process for the ANSI standards developed by these groups should click on the Consensus Committee Application Request Form and contact the NAAMM Technical Consultant at the address below.

Ike Flory
1533 Pine Grove lane
Chesapeake, Virginia 23321


ANSI/NAAMM Pending Standards

The following ANSI/NAAMM standards are currently being considered for revision or proposed for reaffirmation:


The following are ANSI/NAAMM standards under revision or proposed for reaffirmation are available for public comment:

The following list the current members of the Division Consensus Committees:

Summary of ANSI Essential Requirements

If no standards are listed, none are currently open for public comment. Please check back periodically. Parties interested in public comment should contact the NAAMM Technical Consultant, Ike Flory.