NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Alexander Clark Alexander Clark RELATIVE THEORY DESIGN Seattle,, WA
  2. Alexander Terry Alexander Terry ALEXANDER & IVAN TERRY Berkeley,, CA
  3. Alexandra S Alexandra S SAlexandra
  4. Alexandro Becerril Alexandro Becerril ALBEC ESTRUCTRAS METALICS Mexico City, Mexico
  5. Alexandro Castillo/WT2B102HK Alexandro Castillo/WT2B102HK TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY Knoxville,, TN
  6. Alfred Haskell Alfred Haskell MCKEY PERFORATING CO., INC. New Berlin,, WI
  7. Alfred Horner Alfred Horner ALLGEIER MARTIN & ASSOC. Joplin,, MO
  8. Alfred Mangus Alfred Mangus ARVID GRANT ASSOCIATES Olympia,, WA
  9. Alfred Vonsamek Alfred Vonsamek NATIONAL METALS Evanston,, IL
  10. Alicia Fernandez Villarrel Alicia Fernandez Villarrel General Manager at Best Builder, S.A. de C.V. Monterrey Nuevo Leon
  11. Alise Bartley Alise Bartley Ohio Gratings, Inc. Canton, OH
  12. All Can Doors & Hardware, Inc. All Can Doors & Hardware, Inc. Vaughan, ON (905) 264-9800
  13. Allan Poms Allan Poms CITY OF MIAMI-PUBL. WORKS DEPT Miami,, FL
  14. Allen Butcher Allen Butcher SB & O INC San Diego,, CA
  15. Allen Strong Allen Strong SILVA STRONG ARCHITECTS Sacramento,, CA
  16. Alstate Steel Alstate Steel Phoenix, AZ (602) 699-6500
  17. Alton Clihgan Jr. Alton Clihgan Jr. CLIHGAN & ASSOCIATES Ridgeland,, MS
  18. Alvaro Alzola Alvaro Alzola ARMCO INSTAPANEL SA Santiago, Chile
  19. Alvin Fairburn Sr. Alvin Fairburn Sr. A. F. & ASSOCIATES, INC. Denham Springs,, LA
  20. Amanda Newberry Amanda Newberry Association Manager at NAAMM
  21. Ambico Limited Ambico Limited Ottawa, ON (888) 423-2224
  22. American Door Products Inc. American Door Products Inc. Houston, TX (713) 434-9909
  23. Amy Sanidas Amy Sanidas ROTHMAN, ROTHMAN, HEINEMAN Boston,, MA
  24. Ana Del Pureco Ana Del Pureco ELECTROFORJADOS Queretaro
  25. Andre Janet Andre Janet ANDRE S. JANET ARCHITECTS Bloomfield,, CT
  26. Andre Villere Andre Villere McNAUGNTON ARCHITECTS New Orleans,, LA
  27. Andrew Bernstein Andrew Bernstein Vice President Marketing at Quality Engineered Products Co. Tampa, FL
  28. Andrew Duobek Andrew Duobek TONTO NATIONAL FOREST Phoenix,, AZ
  29. Andrew Heydinger Andrew Heydinger RIDDELL AND COMPANY, INC. Englewood,, CO
  30. Andrew Penny Andrew Penny VP Marketing & Advertising at Feeney, Inc. Oakland, CA
  31. Andrew Porth Andrew Porth PORTH ARCHITECTS Minneapolis,, MN
  32. Andrew Yates Andrew Yates ANDREW YATES, ARCHITECT Jamestown,, RI
  33. Andy Dalrymple Andy Dalrymple KCI TECHNOLOGIES Manassas,, VA
  34. Angel Castillo Angel Castillo Quality Manager at GRUPO METELMEX, S.A. de C.V.
  35. Angela Chain Angela Chain DAVIS, SPEAKE & ASSOC., INC. Birmingham,, AL
  36. Angela Zar Angela Zar ZAR & HICKS ARCHITECTS Chicago, IL
  37. Angie Poston Angie Poston HMF Express Wilmington, NC
  38. Angie Smith Angie Smith STANLEY ROOFING/SHEET METAL Algonquin,, IL
  39. Ann Geddes Ann Geddes ANN GEDDES ARCHITECT, INC. Baltimore,, MD
  40. Ann Price Ann Price P.O Box 5025 Burlington Ontario
  41. Ann Steadham Ann Steadham DIDONNO ASSOCIATES ARCH., P.C. Brooklyn,, NY
  42. Annelle Long Annelle Long Annelle Long and Associates San Jose,, CA
  43. Anthony Barbarite Anthony Barbarite Sales Manager at Pole Tech Company East Setauket, NY
  44. Anthony Brock Anthony Brock DUKE POWER CO. Charlotte,, NC
  45. Anthony Gallo Anthony Gallo VP Operations at L.I.F. Industries Port Washington, NY
  46. Anthony Goodings Anthony Goodings Director of Architectural Business Development at Wagner
  47. Anthony Kam, CCS Anthony Kam, CCS NEPTUNE & THOMAS ASSOCIATES El Cajon,, CA
  48. Anthony Lekich Anthony Lekich UNITED ENGINEERS Wayne,, PA
  49. Anthony Marchese Anthony Marchese ANTHONY MARCHESE & ASSOCIATES Warren,, OH
  50. Anthony Marchese Anthony Marchese Architect at A. Marchese - Architect Brooklyn, NY