NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Bob Wilson Bob Wilson WilsonBob Roanoke , VA
  2. Bobby Hyde Bobby Hyde ONEAL STEEL, INC. Birmingham,, AL
  3. Bonnie Baffer Bonnie Baffer THE ONYX GROUP Alexandria,, VA
  4. Bonnie Baffer Bonnie Baffer THE ONYX GROUP INC. Alexandri,, VA
  5. Bonnie Baffer Bonnie Baffer U.S. Coast Guard Yorktown, VA
  6. Borden Metal Products (Canada) Limited Borden Metal Products (Canada) Limited Beeton, ON (905) 729-2229
  7. Brad Adkins Brad Adkins National Sales Manager at American Concord Abingdon, VA
  8. Brad Bondurant Brad Bondurant BONDURANT ARCHITECTS, INC. Birmingham,, AL
  9. Brad Couden Brad Couden Stainless Doors Incorporated Hialeah, FL
  10. Brad Maginn Brad Maginn Indiana Gratings, Inc. Martinsville, IN
  11. Brad Shotola Brad Shotola c/o OLSON LEWIS ARCHITECTS Manchester,, MA
  12. Brenda Harris Brenda Harris EUSTANCE & HOROWITZ, PC Circleville,, NY
  13. Brent Cox Brent Cox President at Grating Systems, Inc. Ogden, UT
  14. Brett James Brett James BRETT JAMES DESIGN London,, KY
  15. Brian Beich Brian Beich CFO at Spantek Expanded Metal Dellwood, MN
  16. Brian Boysen Brian Boysen BoysenBrian Downers Grove, IL
  17. Brian Brummit Brian Brummit c/o IMPELL CORP. Lincolnshire,, IL
  18. Brian Clear, AIA Brian Clear, AIA RIBA ARCHITECT San Francisco,, CA
  19. Brian Eustis Brian Eustis POPKO ROOFING Chicago Heights,, IL
  20. Brian Fifelski Brian Fifelski MCLAREN/HART Southfield,, MI
  21. Brian Hunt Brian Hunt Supply Quality Manager at McNichols Company Tampa, FL
  22. Brian Kelso Brian Kelso BHP TRADING, INC. Stamford,, CT
  23. Brian Leonardson Brian Leonardson HARZA ENGINEERING CO. Chicago,, IL
  24. Brian McCarthy Brian McCarthy GEO ENGINEERING INC. Dover,, NJ
  25. Brian McClure Brian McClure McClureBrian Nanaimo, BC
  26. Brian McKinney Brian McKinney BELL/KNOTT & ASSOC. P.C. Kansas City,, MO
  27. Brian Robertson Brian Robertson UNITED AIRLINGS-EXPO Chicago,, IL
  28. Brian Shaw Brian Shaw ShawBrian Oak Ridge
  29. Brian Shea Brian Shea ORBITOL ENGINEERING Langhorne,, PA
  30. Brian Snyder Brian Snyder BURNS & MCDONNELLL Kansas City,, MO
  31. Brian Wiese Brian Wiese BRIAN WIESE ARCHITECTS Sacramento,, CA
  32. Bruce Abbott Bruce Abbott AbbottBruce Rothschild, WI
  33. Bruce Allen Bruce Allen ESSEX Mundelein, IL
  34. Bruce Biggar Bruce Biggar BFGC ARCHITECTS PLANNERS INC. Bakersfield,, CA
  35. Bruce Chestnut Bruce Chestnut Vice President at Hollow Metal Inc. Tampa, FL
  36. Bruce Duggan Bruce Duggan CLAIR EARL ASSOC. Glendale,, CA
  37. Bruce Fithian Bruce Fithian BRUCE D. FITHIAN ARCHITECT Wothington,, OH
  38. Bruce Garner Bruce Garner Sales at Custom Metal Products Wilmington, NC
  39. Bruce Kiefer Bruce Kiefer BRUCE KIEFER ARCHITECTS Rocky River,, OH
  40. Bruce Maxey Bruce Maxey BLDD ARCHITECTS Decatur,, IL
  41. Bruce Murdock Bruce Murdock CAMP DRESSER & MCKEE Annandale,, VA
  42. Bruce Stolte Bruce Stolte US DEPT. OF ENERGY Las Vegas,, NV
  43. Bruno Bianchini Bruno Bianchini BRESLIN RIOYARD FADERO Allentown,, PA
  44. Bruno Ertem Bruno Ertem EMSS Architects Virginia Beach, VA
  45. Bruno Gervasi Bruno Gervasi VP Mfg at Gensteel Doors Inc. St. Laurent, QC
  46. Bruno Reich Bruno Reich REICH CONSTRUCTION Columbia,, MD
  47. Bub Persons Bub Persons SELIGSON ASSOCIATES Kasas City,, MO
  48. Burton Bernstein Burton Bernstein President at Quality Engineered Products Co. Tampa, FL
  49. C&C Doors and Frames, Inc. C&C Doors and Frames, Inc. Dallas, TX (214) 774-9715,
  50. C. Campbell C. Campbell NATIONAL ROLLING MILLS, INC. Paoli,, PA