NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Charles Smith Charles Smith SMITH & ASSOCIATES Dallas,, TX
  2. Charles Sweitzer Charles Sweitzer MMM DESIGN GROUP Norfolk,, VA
  3. Charles Tarr Charles Tarr URS CONSULTANTS Columbus,, OH
  4. Charles Weloy Charles Weloy CALLISON PARTNERSHIP Seattle,, WA
  5. Charles Wertz Charles Wertz OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY Columbus,, OH
  6. Charles William, Jr. AIA Charles William, Jr. AIA BLW & G Architects Richmond,, VA
  7. Charlie Rideout Charlie Rideout Senior Sales Manager at J/R Metal Frames Manufacturing, Inc. Belgrade, ME
  8. Charlie Sautner Charlie Sautner c/o TRIAD DESIGN ARCHITECTS Racine,, WI
  9. Chee Wong Chee Wong WAH HENG GLASS HOLDING, LTD Singapore
  10. Cheryl Stiliha Cheryl Stiliha Essex Industries New Haven, CT
  11. Chesnye Steward Chesnye Steward Steward Steel, Inc. Sikeston, MO
  12. Chester Bonder Chester Bonder A.C. KIRKWOOD & ASSOC. Kansa City,, MO
  13. Chiao Clerkin, AIA Chiao Clerkin, AIA CLERKIN ARCHITECTS Pasadena,, CA
  14. Chris Bussart, Jr. Chris Bussart, Jr. Architectural Openings, Inc. Longwood, FL
  15. Chris Doehrmamm Chris Doehrmamm CHRIS DOEHRMAMM, A.I.A. New Brightom,, MN
  16. Chris Froman Chris Froman MegaMet Industries - Specialty Doors
  17. Chris Hedrick Chris Hedrick Sales Manager at Spantek Expanded Metal Hopkins, MN
  18. Chris Heinzmann Chris Heinzmann CHRISTOPHER HEINZMANN, A.I.A. East Providence,, RI
  19. Chris Hodges Chris Hodges LAW ENGINEERING Chantilly,, VA
  20. Chris Jamison Chris Jamison Operations Manager at Rocky Mountain Metals, Inc
  21. Chris Kennedy Chris Kennedy Kennedy Contracting Beverly Hills, CA
  22. Chris Kennedy Chris Kennedy UK ARCHITECTS Norwich,, VT
  23. Chris Maldonado Chris Maldonado TEX-STEEL CORPORATION Harlingen,, TX
  24. Chris Mathews Chris Mathews President at National Custom Hollow Metal Little Rock, AR
  25. Chris McElroy Chris McElroy Engineering Manager at Alabama Metal Industries Corp. Birmingham, AL
  26. Chris Ruta Chris Ruta COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT Hingham,, MA
  27. Chris Steward Chris Steward Vice President at Steward Steel, Inc. Sikeston, MO
  28. Christi Taylor Christi Taylor HMF Express Wilmington, NC
  29. Christiaan Dinkeloo Christiaan Dinkeloo CHRISTIAAN DINKELOO ASSOCIATES New Haven,, CT
  30. Christian TM Ogrin Christian TM Ogrin HMF Express
  31. Christie Hunt Christie Hunt McNichols Company Tampa, FL
  32. Christine Beall, CCS Christine Beall, CCS THE MAGAZINE OF MASONRY CONSTR Austin,, TX
  33. Christine Sedlacek Christine Sedlacek Spinutech
  34. Christophe DeBlois Christophe DeBlois NIELSEN/VZUN STRUCTURAL Atlanta,, GA
  35. Christopher John Wiley Christopher John Wiley Concept Frames, Inc. Catawba, NC
  36. Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan NolanChristopher New York, NY
  37. Christopher O''Brien Christopher O''Brien HWS Consulting Group, Inc. Lombard, IL
  38. Christopher Pobstman Christopher Pobstman PobstmanChristopher San Tan Valley, AZ
  39. Christopher Sperry Christopher Sperry President at Lichtgitter USA, Inc.
  40. Chuck Dragoo Chuck Dragoo ADM DESIGN SERVICES Decatur,, IL
  41. Chuck Duncan Chuck Duncan General Manager at J/R Metal Frames Manufacturing, Inc. Belgrade, ME
  42. Chuck Gerber Chuck Gerber Vice President of Sales at Amweld International LLC. Coppell, TX
  43. Chuck Kiley Chuck Kiley Vice President Sales and Marketing at DCI Hollow Metal Inc Fontana, CA
  44. Chuck Morgan Chuck Morgan DESIGN ALASKA, INC. Fairbanks,, AK
  45. Chuck Nellis Chuck Nellis NellisChuck Vicksburg, MS
  46. Chuck Renoleman Chuck Renoleman HUGHES SUPPLY, INC. Orlando,, FL
  47. Chung Ruiter Chung Ruiter c/o KBJ ARCHITECTS, INC. Jacksonville,, FL
  48. Cicely McGraw, AIA Cicely McGraw, AIA CORPS OF ENGINEERS Kansas City,, MO
  49. Cindy Fleming Cindy Fleming LFA Dana Point,, CA
  50. Cindy Gibbs Cindy Gibbs Concept Frames, Inc. Newton, NC