NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

You can find NAAMM member firms by search on name or location or view a list of member firms by division, location, or product.


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  1. Andrew Duobek Andrew Duobek TONTO NATIONAL FOREST Phoenix,, AZ
  2. Christopher Pobstman Christopher Pobstman PobstmanChristopher San Tan Valley, AZ
  3. Dave Gardon Dave Gardon Vernon Swaback Associates Scottscale, AZ
  4. David Monihan, Jr. David Monihan, Jr. WFM ENGINEERING Flagstaff,, AZ
  5. Eddie Lewis Eddie Lewis Project Ar at Earl Swensson Assoc./% Mayo Phoenix, AZ
  6. Editor Editor BUILDER / ARCHITECT Phoenix,, AZ
  7. EightynineA, LLC EightynineA, LLC Tempe, AZ (480) 838-1620
  8. Franklin Leaf Franklin Leaf LeafFranklin Phoenix, AZ
  9. Fred May Fred May WATER PLANNING & ENGINEERING Phoenix,, AZ
  10. George Gotsis George Gotsis GEORGE GOTSIS ARCH. & ASSOC. Phoenix,, AZ
  11. Greg Ohrn Greg Ohrn OHRN ENGINEERING Flagstaff,, AZ
  12. Harvey Gertsch Harvey Gertsch EightynineA, LLC Tempe, AZ
  13. Hollow Metal Xpress Hollow Metal Xpress Phoenix, AZ (623) 936-7000,
  14. John Kane John Kane ARCHITEKTON Tempe,, AZ
  15. Jose de la Macorra Jose de la Macorra de la MacorraJose Paradise Valley, AZ
  16. Judson Vernon Judson Vernon VERNON SWABACK ASSOC. Scottsdale,, AZ
  17. Lonnie Bernally Lonnie Bernally NAVAJO NATION Fort Defiance,, AZ
  18. M. Hamilton, AIA M. Hamilton, AIA THE BUILD ENVIRONMENT Tucson,, AZ
  19. Parady Reddell Parady Reddell PARADY & REDDELL ARCHITECTS Scottsdale,, AZ
  20. Patrick McCluskey Patrick McCluskey McCluskeyPatrick Chandler, AZ
  21. Paul Prosser Paul Prosser Principal at Prosser Enterprises, L.L.C. Phoenix, AZ
  22. Robert Cooper Robert Cooper STUDIO B. INC. Phoenix,, AZ
  23. Robert Pian, A.I.A. Robert Pian, A.I.A. RSGS ARCHITECTS Scottsdale,, AZ
  24. Robert Weir Robert Weir ADP ARCHITECTS Tuscon,, AZ
  25. S. Stanton S. Stanton FOREGROUND ARCHITECTURE Tucson,, AZ
  26. Shi-En Shiau, P.E. Shi-En Shiau, P.E. GREINER, INC. Phoenix,, AZ
  27. Timothy Sepper Timothy Sepper ALAGIA ENGINEERING Phoenix,, AZ
  28. Zamir Hasan Zamir Hasan ARCHITECT Tempe,, AZ