NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. David Stiles David Stiles Stiles Custom Metal, Inc. Ceres, CA
  2. David Stirling, AIA David Stirling, AIA STIRLING/BROWN ARCHITECTS, INC Winchester,, MA
  3. David Taylor David Taylor HMF Express Wilmington, NC
  4. David Wang, AIA David Wang, AIA HNTB COMPANY Los Angeles,, CA
  5. David Webb David Webb F. R. Harris San Pedro, CA
  6. David Whitmore David Whitmore INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING San Francisco,, CA
  7. David Williams David Williams Manufacturing Engineering Manager at IKG Industries
  8. David Ydeen David Ydeen MACDONALD & ASSOCIATES Brea,, CA
  9. David Zeller David Zeller MKC ASSOCIATES New Philadelphia., OH
  10. Dawn Juarez Dawn Juarez EightynineA, LLC
  11. Daybar Industries Daybar Industries Brampton, ON (905) 625-8000
  12. Dayton Industries, Inc. Dayton Industries, Inc. Bronx, NY (718) 542-8144
  13. DCI Hollow Metal Inc DCI Hollow Metal Inc Fontana, CA (909) 770-5700
  14. DE LA FONTAINE INC. DE LA FONTAINE INC. Sherbrooke, QC (819) 821-9230
  15. Dean Allen Dean Allen LO & ASSOC., INC. Houston,, TX
  16. Dean O'Donald Dean O'Donald VP and General Manager of Fabrication at Alabama Metal Industries Corp. Birmingham, AL
  17. Dean Walker Dean Walker LOHAN ASSOCIATES INC. Chicago,, IL
  18. Deansteel Mfg. Co. Deansteel Mfg. Co. San Antonio, TX (210) 226-8271
  19. Deau Carter Deau Carter KIMMIUS CONTRACTING CORP. Robius AFB,, CA
  20. Deborah Bater Deborah Bater DEBORAH BATER Glenside,, PA
  21. Deborah Lombard Deborah Lombard EASTMAN & CO., INC. Harahan,, LA
  23. Debra Smith Debra Smith THE HOLT GROUP, INC. Palm Springs,, CA
  24. Debra Warner Debra Warner WALLACE & WARNER Baton Rouge,, LA
  25. Debra Yau Debra Yau PCT DEVELOPMENT Oakland,, CA
  26. Dell Ewing Dell Ewing DELL EWING ASSOCIATES, INC. Vienna,, VA
  27. Demeireos Callinicos Demeireos Callinicos RIBA/AWCK, INC. Greensboro,, NC
  28. Denis Schmiedeke Denis Schmiedeke SIGMA ASSOCIATES, INC. DETROIT,, MI
  29. Denise Stiles Denise Stiles Spouse at Stiles Custom Metal, Inc. Ceres, CA
  30. Dennis Baca Dennis Baca Southwestern Hollow Metal Raton, NM
  31. Dennis Hilner Dennis Hilner ARCHITECTURAL ACCENT San Diego,, CA
  32. Dennis Johnson Dennis Johnson ERECT-A-TUBE Harvard,, IL
  33. Dennis Neuman Dennis Neuman HDR ENGINEERING INC. Champlin,, MN
  34. Dennis Salter Dennis Salter DENNIS M. SALTER, A.I.A. Auburn,, CA
  35. Dennis Salter, AIA Dennis Salter, AIA ARCHITECT & BUILDER Auburn,, CA
  36. Dennis Sanford Dennis Sanford ROSE & WESTRA Grand Rapids,, MI
  37. Dennis Ward Dennis Ward SEH St. Paul,, MN
  38. Desi Clark Desi Clark Interstate Gratings, LLC
  39. Devan Stiles Devan Stiles CFO at Stiles Custom Metal, Inc.
  40. Diana Hamilton, CCS Diana Hamilton, CCS D.M. HAMILTON LSI. Walnut Creek, CA
  41. Diana Johnson Diana Johnson BEDGP Charlottesville, VA
  42. Diana Lim Diana Lim LEC Steel Manufacturing Corp. Quezon City 1106
  43. Diane Nicol Diane Nicol Krieger Specialty Products Pico Rivera,, CA
  44. Dianna Kelly Dianna Kelly Exmet Industries, Inc. N. Vancouver, BC
  45. Dick Ostrander, CCS Dick Ostrander, CCS OSTRANDER ARCHITECTURE Altanonte Springs,, FL
  46. Dick Romero Dick Romero Secretary/Treasurer at Southwestern Hollow Metal Raton, NM
  47. Dick Stauffer Dick Stauffer MILLER STAUFFER ARCHITECTS Coeur D'Alene, ID
  48. DKS Steel Door & Frame Systems, Inc. DKS Steel Door & Frame Systems, Inc. Commerce, CA (323) 888-7763,
  49. Dodson Mark Dodson Mark
  50. Domenick Morelli Domenick Morelli GREINER, INC. Tampa,, FL