NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Antonio Gervasi Antonio Gervasi President at North American Door Corp. Madison, GA
  2. Antonio Mosillo Antonio Mosillo President at Enrejados Metalicos Acerogrill Caracas DF
  3. Antonio Veloso, AIA Antonio Veloso, AIA ANTONIO C. VELOSO, AIA ARCH. Vinton,, VA
  4. Antony Moulds Antony Moulds MouldsAntony Houston, TX
  5. Apex Industries, Inc. Apex Industries, Inc. Moncton, NB (506) 857-1600
  6. Architectural Testing, Inc. Architectural Testing, Inc. York, PA
  7. Architectural Testing, Inc. - Winchester Architectural Testing, Inc. - Winchester Winchester, VA (540) 877-9957
  8. Ari Sklar Ari Sklar GSA ARCHITECTS Bay Harber,, FL
  9. Arnold Morantes Arnold Morantes Efficient-Tec International, LLC. - Stainless Stee Dallas, TX
  10. Aron Faegre Aron Faegre ARON FAEGRE & ASSOC. Portland,, OR
  11. Art Bond Art Bond HASTINGS & CHIVETTA St. Louis,, MO
  12. Art Misiaszek Art Misiaszek CONVERSION SYSTEMS Horsham,, PA
  13. Arthur Kjos, AIA Arthur Kjos, AIA J. THOMAS CLARK ARCHITECT Portland,, OR
  14. Arthur Liatsos Arthur Liatsos WHITMAN & HOWARD Wellesley,, MA
  15. Arthur Salzman Arthur Salzman OFFICE OF ARTHUR SALZMAN Evanston,, IL
  16. Arthur Voet Arthur Voet ROJAS VOET ASSOC., INC. Cambridge,, MN
  17. Arthur Whitmer Arthur Whitmer A.H.W. & ASSOCIATES Anchorage,, AK
  18. Arthur Yellin Arthur Yellin IN SCALE DESIGNS Great Neck,, NY
  19. Arthur Zeigler Arthur Zeigler STATE UNIVERSITY CONSTRUCTION Albany,, NY
  20. Ashford Ashford ASHFORD ENGINEERS INC. Atlanta,, GA
  21. Ashli Steward Ashli Steward Steward Steel, Inc. Sikeston, MO
  23. Aurea Makasakit Aurea Makasakit DKS Steel Door & Frame Systems, Inc.
  24. Austin Cummings Austin Cummings Vice President at Commercial Door Manufacturing Inc. Albuquerque, NM
  25. B. Ahern B. Ahern JAMES DAVIS ARCHITECTS San Rafael,, CA
  26. B. Beaird B. Beaird THE BEAIRD CO. Tulsa,, OK
  27. B. Folsom B. Folsom SEI Canton,, GA
  28. B. Kedzior B. Kedzior GALLO GROUP Lake Forest,, IL
  29. B. Kelly B. Kelly ROBERT LOUIS KELLY ARCHITECT Lexington,, KY
  30. B. Randall B. Randall RANDALL AND LASETER Decatur,, CA
  31. B. Shaw B. Shaw GEOGRAPH INNOVATIONS Hilo,, HI
  32. B. Wittner B. Wittner Vector Engineering Co. Newark, DE
  33. Babak Emadi Babak Emadi DAVID FURMAN ARCHITECTURE Charlotte,, NC
  34. Bailey Davis Bailey Davis BAILY DAVIS & ASSOCIATES Texarkana,, AR
  35. Barbara Brooks Barbara Brooks PAYLESS CASHWAYS Kansas City,, MO
  36. Barbara Maher Barbara Maher ATS GROUP Homewood,, IL
  37. Barbara Rowley Barbara Rowley
  38. BarnettBates Corporation BarnettBates Corporation Joliet, IL (800) 541-3912
  39. Barry Abrams Barry Abrams TAYLOR ANDERSON ARCHITECTS Atlanta,, GA
  40. Barry Abrams Barry Abrams TAYLOR ANDERSON ARCHITECTS Atlanda,, GA
  41. Barry Santana Barry Santana ARCO ALASKA INC. Anchorage,, AL
  42. Barry Subrin Barry Subrin V-LINE CORP. Indianapolis,, IN
  43. Barry Zevin Barry Zevin BARRY ZEVIN, ARCHITECT Cambridge,, MA
  44. Bart Williams Bart Williams TAYLOR STEEL Niles,, OH
  45. Beau Briggs Beau Briggs Production Team Lead at DCI Hollow Metal Inc
  46. Becky Gonzales Becky Gonzales
  47. Behzad Vedaie Behzad Vedaie INNOVATIVA ENGINEERING GROUP Columbus,, OH
  48. Ben Aguilar Ben Aguilar PEREZ ARCHITECTS/ INTERIORS Denver,, CO
  49. Ben Baker Ben Baker McNichols Company
  50. Ben Canizaro Ben Canizaro CONDE, INC. El Paso,, TX