NAAMM members consist of firms or corporations involved in the manufacture of metal products for building construction and those firms which supply materials and services to the manufacturers.

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  1. Ben Samuels Ben Samuels Architectural Plus Associates Tulsa, OK
  2. Benito Estacio Benito Estacio OFFICE OF CAPITAL PROG. Chicago,, IL
  3. Bernabe Hernandez Bernabe Hernandez J.H. MANUCY INC. Hialeah,, FL
  4. Bernadette Chwalek Bernadette Chwalek IKG USA, LLC Channelview, TX
  5. Bernard Belonsky Bernard Belonsky BERNARD BELONSKY & ASSOCIATES Hawthorne,, CA
  6. Bernard Hottovy Bernard Hottovy HottovyBernard
  7. Bernard Remer Bernard Remer REMER & WEBER Berkley,, WI
  8. Bernardo Wills Bernardo Wills BERNADO WILLS ARCHITECTS, PC Spokane,, WA
  9. Bernhard Kiessling Bernhard Kiessling TERRY-DeREES ASSOCIATES, INC. Cincinnati,, OH
  10. Bernie Doran Bernie Doran I.D.C. Portland,, OR
  11. Beth Greenberg Beth Greenberg c/o R. DAHNER ARCH. New York,, NY
  12. Beth McCluney Beth McCluney Controller at Krieger Specialty Products Pico Rivera,, CA
  13. Beth Scott Beth Scott Superior Fireproof Door Inc. Scranton, PA
  14. Beth Seidelhuber Beth Seidelhuber Seidelhuber Metal Products Inc. San Carlos, CA
  15. Betsy Baldridge, AIA Betsy Baldridge, AIA MCKIM & GREED Wilmington,, NC
  16. Bev Maginn Bev Maginn Indiana Gratings, Inc. Martinsville, IN
  17. Bill Adams Bill Adams Laurel Custom Grating, LLC Everson, PA
  18. Bill Bowen Bill Bowen BBB Architects Boulder, CO
  19. Bill Connolly Bill Connolly MJ CONNOLLY COMPANY Riverside,, IL
  20. Bill DuBois, AIA, CCS Bill DuBois, AIA, CCS THE HILLIER GROUP Princeton,, NJ
  21. Bill Finney Bill Finney NASHVILLE STATE TECH. INST. Nashville,, TN
  22. Bill Franks Bill Franks General Manager at All Steel Doors 2000 Ltd. Scarborogh, Ontario
  23. Bill Giles Bill Giles CLARK COUNTY FACILITIES Las Vegas,, NV
  24. Bill Gould Bill Gould WEG Architects
  25. Bill Guy Bill Guy President at Trillium Steel Doors Limited Brampton, ON
  26. Bill Heirich Bill Heirich SUNCO CORPORATION Muskogee,, OK
  27. Bill Kennedy Bill Kennedy NICHOLAS J. BOURAS, INC. Summit,, NJ
  28. Bill Liszewski Bill Liszewski ROBERTS BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC Muskegon,, MI
  29. Bill Madden, CCS Bill Madden, CCS THE AMERICAN INST. OF ARCH. Alexandria, VA
  30. Bill McLees Bill McLees HCHJ ARCHITECTS Macon,, GA
  31. Bill Phillips Bill Phillips President & COO at Niles Expanded Metals & Plastics Niles, OH
  32. Bill Phillips III Bill Phillips III Niles Expanded Metals & Plastics
  33. Bill Schalk Bill Schalk KBA ARCHITECTS Milford,, OH
  34. Bill Somyak Bill Somyak COLLEGE OF PA. Philadelphia,, PA
  35. Bill White Bill White B&K DESIGN Boones Mill,, VA
  36. Bill Wren Bill Wren Western Metal Lath Riverside, CA
  37. Bill Zeck Bill Zeck ZECK BUTLER ARCHITECTS Spokane, WA
  38. Blane Trinkle Blane Trinkle BarnettBates Corporation
  39. Bo McKenzie Bo McKenzie Engineering at Cornerstone Detention Products, Inc. Tanner, AL
  40. Bob Berhinig Bob Berhinig Underwriters Laboratories Northbrook, IL
  41. Bob Birk Bob Birk Vice Pres & Gen Mgr at Metalex, A Unit of Jason Inc.-Components Libertyville, IL
  42. Bob Cummings Bob Cummings President at Commercial Door Manufacturing Inc. Albuquerque, NM
  43. Bob Fleming Bob Fleming CRS SIRRINE Tigard,, OR
  44. Bob Lakatos Bob Lakatos Quality Engineered Products Co. Tampa, FL
  45. Bob Love Bob Love Grating Sales Manager at Frontier Gratings division of Bailey Bridges, Inc. Fort Payne, AL
  46. Bob Murphy Bob Murphy SNIPS MAGAZINE, INC. Melrose Park,, IL
  47. Bob Robinowitz Bob Robinowitz Bob Robinowitz Architect Houston, TX
  48. Bob Schuster Bob Schuster Acorn Wire & Iron Works Chicago, IL
  49. Bob Villaescusa Bob Villaescusa BRUCK ALLEN ARCHITECTS San Diego,, CA
  50. Bob Wagner Bob Wagner Exec Vice President at Wagner Companies Butler, WI