Updated Standard Released: HMMA 850-14

November 16, 2016

Updated Standard Released: HMMA 850-14
"Fire-Protection and Smoke Control Rated Hollow Metal Door and Frame Products"

This updated standard is a detailed overview of the portfolio of fire rated products available through HMMA member companies. Design Professionals have used HMMA 850 as a reference guide for decades.

  • Section #1: General information 
    An overview of fire door testing requirements and applications meeting NFPA Pamphlet 80 and IBC (The International Building Code).
  • Section #2: Hardware for Swinging Hollow Metal Fire Doors 
    An overview of Builders’ Hardware requirements as they relate to listed Hollow Metal Fire Door Assemblies
  • Section #3: Hollow Metal Fire Doors and Frame Product 
    A detailed overview of Hollow Metal listed Fire Door and Frame openings, including construction features.
  • Section #4: Reference and Support Materials
    List of all related publications

Refer to the HMMA Technical Publications website for no charge downloads of HMMA 850-14 and all HMMA standards.