When Should Your Project Use Steel Doors and Frames?

August 30, 2022

In the planning stages of many building projects, there comes a point where you must select what types of materials are going to be used. Key aspects of the project require you to examine specifications, draw on experience all while thinking about how the material will hold up in the future.  

All these considerations are especially important when choosing door material since they’re the gateway for high-traffic areas. So, what material is the best option for the doors on your project? Many steel door manufacturers understand building codes and can help you find the right solution for a project. In this post, we’re going to dive into when your project should consider using steel doors so you can follow up with a manufacturer.   

Consider Steel Doors and Frames When Safety is a Priority

Take a minute to think about how important safety and security are to the current building project you’re working on. For example, medical facilities and government buildings have a higher standard for safety because of the essential services they provide.  

One of the main reasons you’d want to consider steel in this case is because of its industry-leading fire rating. In fact, steel doors are the only material that offers a three-hour fire rating. In the case of an emergency, having a fire rating that’s almost double than other common materials can offer critical extra time.  

Unauthorized Access and Forced Entry

On the topic of safety and security, you’ll want to consider using steel if there’s a risk of unauthorized access. Whether the building deals in cash like a bank or it’s a school building that needs to screen visitors, steel doors can help accomplish those goals. Compared to some other common door material like wood, steel is much harder to manipulate or break down.  

By choosing steel doors and frames for your project, you’ll be adding a higher level of security and safety that will last long after the construction is finished.  

Steel Can Help Your Project Be More Energy Efficient

No matter what function a building project serves, more property owners are looking for ways to be more energy efficient. Not only does it have a positive impact on their overhead, but it also becomes a meaningful differentiator for the property. If your building project is looking for opportunities to be more energy efficient and green, consider using steel for door material.  

First off, exterior doors made from steel can help lower the cost of heating and cooling for the building over time thanks to the insulation they offer. Steel doors can be expertly manufactured to have tight seals around the doorway to create a higher level of energy efficiency. On average, steel doors have an R value that ranges from R-5 to R-6, a rating that wood doors can’t reach. It’s also worth mentioning that steel doors and frames often have a thermal break built into the interior which helps reduce potential temperature changes by slowing down air transfer.  

Steel is also one of the most recycled materials in the country. The steel that goes into making the doors and frames for your projects is often made from recycled material and outlasts many of its competitors, leading to a more sustainable building over time.  

Your Building Project Would Benefit from Long-Term Value Material

When you’re thinking about which door material to use, think about how important longevity is to the project. For example, if you’re building a school, essential aspects of the project like the main doorways are expected to hold up for years. There are studies that say replacing wood doors with steel can generate up to a 98% return on investment.  

A large part of the reason why steel doors and frames hold up over time is because of how little regular maintenance they need compared to other materials:  

  • Steel isn’t prone to moisture build-up. 

  • It’s more durable resulting in no cracks, and resistant to more forms of bacteria.  

  • Steel doors and frames don’t require any special chemicals to be cleaned.   

  • The material holds up to a wider range of temperatures.  

Learn More About How Steel Doors Can Add Value to Your Project

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