Press Release on NAAMM's Statement to Industry Regarding Public Comment to Proposed Revisions to ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 840, Guide Specifications for Receipt, Storage and Installation of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
November 8, 2023
The Press Release on NAAMM's Statement to Industry Regarding Public Comment on the proposed revisions to ANSI/NAAMM HMMA 840, Guide Specifications for Receipt, Storage and Installation of Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, First Ballot can be viewed here…
HMMA Fall Meeting Recap
October 17, 2023
The Top HMMA Specifications
September 1, 2023
At HMMA, we’re hollow metal industry experts. A large part of our mission is creating specifications and standards for professionals that can be used for a wide variety of commercial building projects. Every technical publication we create is b…
Hollow Metal Doors and Frames Fire Rating Checklist
July 27, 2023
Fire-rated hollow metal doors and frames provide immense value to commercial building projects since they help slow the spread of a fire. It’s a large part of why building codes across the country require fire-rated doors. While hollow metal of…
3 Benefits of Custom Commercial Hollow Metal Doors
July 25, 2023
When you’re in the planning stage of a commercial building project, it’s common to have the need for custom entryways and doors. Whether it’s a hospital, school, or another type of building, commercial projects don’t all follo…
Fire Rating of Steel Doors Compared to Other Materials
July 18, 2023
Fire-rated assembly doors play a vital role for commercial buildings. These doors not only save lives by slowing down the spread of smoke and fire, but also provide a safer way for people to exit the building. That’s why the choice of material …
Why You Should Use Steel Exterior Doors on Your Projects
May 16, 2023
A variety of commercial building projects, entryways and exterior doors need special consideration when it comes to doors. You need to factor in how they function, the level of security that’s required, how each door will hold up against the el…
The Difference Between Fiberglass and Steel Doors
April 21, 2023
For a variety of commercial building projects, there’s a key decision that needs to be made about what type of material for doors and entryways. At first glance, materials such as fiberglass and steel look similar when they’re installed. …
An Inside Look at HMMA's Specs
December 13, 2022
Across all types of residential and commercial building projects, specifications are the guiding force behind the materials that are chosen. Since companies, organization, and governing bodies create specs for hollow metal doors and frames, you might…
The Versatility of Steel Doors and Frames for School Building Projects
December 13, 2022
For school building projects, versatility is often the name of the game when it comes to the materials used. If you visit a school near you, chances are you’ll find steel doors and frames being used across the campus. From band rooms to exterio…
Steel Doors and Frames 101
October 14, 2022
While there are a variety of building materials that are used for entryways, we’re here to give you a comprehensive look at steel. You might already know that steel doors and frames are known for being extremely durable and can stand up to all …
When Should Your Project Use Steel Doors and Frames?
August 30, 2022
In the planning stages of many building projects, there comes a point where you must select what types of materials are going to be used. Key aspects of the project require you to examine specifications, draw on experience all while thinking about ho…
Common Misconceptions About Steel Doors and Frames
August 4, 2022
Common Misconceptions About Steel Doors While steel doors and frames are known for their durability, like many other building products, they’re not immune to misconceptions coming about. As a longstanding not for profit organization and leading…
Comparing Steel vs Wood Doors and Frames
July 8, 2022
The Key Differences Between Steel and Wood Doors Is Steel Really Safer than Wood? For decades, HMMA and its member companies have been trusted sources of information for hollow metal doors and frames. A large part of our goal as an organization is to…
HMMA Q2 2022 Newsletter
May 23, 2022
HMMA Q1 2022 Newsletter
February 1, 2022
HMMA-830-02 Hardware Selection for Hollow Metal Doors and Frames The hardware used not only determines how well a door functions, but is also an important factor in the working life of the opening. Among the many benefits of custom hollow metal is th…
HMMA Q1 2021 Newsletter
March 22, 2021
Continuously Welded Frames There are always multiple ways to say something and communicate 90% non-verbally. When it comes to the construction of hollow metal, the words used to specify the type of frame weld is very important, but the challenge is d…
Updated Standard Released: HMMA 850-14
November 16, 2016
NEWS RELEASE:Updated Standard Released: HMMA 850-14"Fire-Protection and Smoke Control Rated Hollow Metal Door and Frame Products" This updated standard is a detailed overview of the portfolio of fire rated products available through HMMA member compa…